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Five Safest Cities in the World

Live in a safe city is a dream for everyone. Safe from criminal activity, flooding, air pollution, and all forms of piracy. Based on the index from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s, the city of Tokyo in Japan, including one of

6 Things that can damage the immune system

Everyone has experienced sick. Usually, it is because the immune system is being weakened. The problem is, what can make the immune system is weakened? 1. Lack of sleep. When asleep, the immune system learn to look for the best

How to Safely Use Public Toilets ?

Daily activities may require you to use public toilets, for example toilet in the office, at the mall or other places. It’s might look clean, latrines a breeding place a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Bacteria such as salmonella, streptococcus,

Anti-Bacterial Soap Be Deleted

The United States Government will remove anti-bacterial soap in the market. The reason, plain soap and water is more effective than the products disinfect anti-bacterial soap. The US government banned the circulation of 19 chemical anti-bacterial soap. Because the mill

The Benefits of Dates for the Uterus After a Miscarriage

After a miscarriage usually a woman not only suffered mental trauma, but also the physical trauma that is the womb injured. To restore it sometimes takes up to a month. You are therefore advised to take healthy foods generally contain

Six Things Which Caused the Breasts to Sag

All women would want to have breasts firmer and beautiful Yet unless we realize it everyday activities can cause loss of elasticity of the breast. There are six things that can cause the breasts to sag: The follicular phase The

Want to Have Skin Shine? Consumption this Foods

All women would want to have a smooth skin and look shiny. To get a shiny skin, a person must not only treat and clean the face, but also need to adjust diet. Probably not many people know, what kind

Be carefull With Sensitive Teeth

During this time, sensitive teeth is regarded as a minor issue. Although annoying, but the sense of pain tends to be detained. Many also assume that tooth sensitivity is a common problem, as we get older. In fact, this assumption

Cope With Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is often experienced by women who usually occur in the bottom abdomen before or during the menstrual period even after stopping. This are common due to increased prostaglandin and hormonal factors. There are a few things you can

Drink Water When You Wake Up.

Do You have a habit to drink water when getting out of bed? This habit is proved to have many health benefits. What are the benefits of drinking water when you wake up?Water needs to be consumed each person is