Cope With Menstrual Pain

Hand on bellyMenstrual pain is often experienced by women who usually occur in the bottom abdomen before or during the menstrual period even after stopping. This are common due to increased prostaglandin and hormonal factors. There are a few things you can try to cope with menstrual pain that is Natural Treatments. Natural treatments using multiple techniques without the use of chemical drugs, this is done to avoid the side effects of the drug. The following are the natural ingredients used:

1. Warm water

Using warm water to relieve pain during menstruation. Provide warm water pads or put in a bottle. Then put on the pain abdomen
for 20-30 minutes while lying down. Do it regularly for still menstrual pain.

2. Ginger

This method is quite easy. All you need to do is prepare the ginger taste. wash ginger peeled using clean water then mashed (not to be too fine). Then boil the ginger and add sugar to taste so delicious drink.

3. Turmeric

Other materials that can be used are turmeric, despite making a little bit difficult potion than the ginger water. You need to provide is ¼ kg turmeric, tamarind, ½ liter of water, 1 spoon of salt, and white sugar. Saffron puree that has been cleaned, can use blender. Then filtered to take water, mix with sugar, salt and tamarind, heat to boiling and ready to drink.

4. Mint Leaves

Do you like to drink tea? The easiest way to cope with menstrual pain is to add one or two mint leaves into tea that you drink every day.

5. Massage

Other natural methods to relieve menstrual pain is doing massage abdominal pain slowly while lying on the mattress. you can do this yourself or ask a masseuse to do so.

6. Taking analgesics

The next step you can do is take analgesic drugs. Analgesics are set of drugs that function as pain killers. But before you take medicine analgesics you should discuss with your doctor first. Usual analgesic drugs used for the relief of menstrual pain is Neuralgin and Ibuprofen. Make sure you understand the instructions and rules of use of the drug.

7. Pay attention to your food

The main factor which can only add to and aggravate the pain of menstruation is diet and the type of food consumed. Therefore, every woman should pay more attention another diet.

Consumption : water, milk or calcium milk, nuts, red meat, or other foods that contain a lot of iron, Whole wheat or brown rice instead of rice, Fruits and vegetables, especially spinach and bananas.

Avoid: Soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, Food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar.

8. Light Exercise

Perform light exercise to lessen menstrual pain, because without this the lower abdomen. You will be more pain and even made a part of the body limp. You do not need to do strenuous exercise, just do the following two things:

Walk. Walk a lot of benefits including relieving menstrual pain. Another benefit is good for the heart, strengthens bones and muscles, and healthy & refreshes the skin.
Gymnastics. You can also do exercises to relieve menstrual pain excessive. Kegel exercises are usually done by pregnant women can be the perfect solution. example movement that is crawling with one leg lifted straight or sleep on their backs as he crossed his legs.

9. Sleeping

Do not ignore your sleep time despite daily activities very solid. rest your body for a moment during the day if you feel pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation. In addition, you also should sleep a night at a fixed and regular hours. This is just as important as the previous steps to relieve menstrual pain.

10. Warm bath

Besides using warm water to compress you can also try a bath with warm water. Warm bath can help relieve menstrual pain, but you do not need soak in warm water pool, simply by using the shower to moisten the entire part of your body.

Arm Muscle Exercises

Big and strong arm is an ideal for every man . Many methods are used to obtain a strong arm and stout . Many training methods which you can choose to optimal results and of course must be supported by appropriate nutrition for exercise muscle formation . Immediately start your workout and see the results . Here are a few stages arm muscle building exercises .

Many people think that needs to be enlarged merely arm or bicep biceps the front side , this is not right because your arm consists of the biceps and triceps in upper and forearm muscles . Your upper arms are actually more influenced by triceps make it look large. So in order to look great arm perfectly , then must train three.

The process of training is divided into 3 phases each 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks practice time . The purpose of this exercise is to provide sufficient load great in the muscles to continue to grow , and trained from various sides and change ongoing training so that your muscles faster growth.

Arm muscles Phase 1 ( weeks 1-2 ) Reverse Pyramid

Usually someone to practice with fixed or heavier loads . It is reasonable made especially for beginners or someone who just returned to practice after stopping for a long time . Not so for someone who wants to develop muscle up to more than that now because of the addition of the load from one set to the set the next would cause someone who already tired would be difficult to continue the set. Therefore here the load reduction after 2 sets of weight will help the muscles to driven practice more .







Biceps Triceps Phase 2 ( weeks 3-4 ) Superset

After 2 weeks of training with Reverse Pyramid , it’s time you do a superset a higher level . This exercise means you will perform one movement for biceps and immediately followed by a motion for triceps or otherwise . practice superset with opposing muscle will make strengthening the muscles with more better .



Phase 3 ( weeks 5-6 ) German Volume Training

This type of exercise has been long enough in the world of fitness but only some people who dare to do so because of the large number of sets performed . In this exercise you will doing only 2-3 exercises with each of 10 sets and each set of 10 reps . This exercise will make your muscles not only large but also strong .







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