Ropeswing, a New Way of Triggering Adrenalin

ropeswingRopeswing is a game similar to bungee jumping. But the difference, this ropeswing really rely on the momentum of the rope swing and you will be plunged in an upright position. When doing the rope swing, you become Tarzan but in a larger scale.

An ideal location to do ropeswing is a high, open and strong enough to hold our expenses. Of course, all these activities should be carried out with the assistance of experts and tools for security matters. Starting from the rope, helmet until the body harness.
In the United States, many young hunters who do ropeswing extreme adrenaline. For example, in Corona Arch, Moab – Utah or in Canyon Cliff. Can imagine the sensation of swinging by a rope and flanked by rock cliffs on either side of you? Then in Durban, South Africa is also a top place for ropeswing namely Moses Mabhida Stadium.

In Indonesia ropeswing already become obsolete. Here are five places in Indonesia you can go if you want to try the rope swing:

1. Hanging Bridge Lau Hulung – Deli Serdang, North Sumatera

Ropeswing in Lau Hulung Hanging Bridge – Deli Serdang means you will jump from a height of 120 meters and swinging in the trees of tropical forests. Rates for once ropeswing here is Rp.200.000, – because there are instructors and safety equipment complete.

2. Waterfall Brang Rea / The Great River Moyo Island – Sumbawa

If ropeswing here, you’ll really like Tarzan. There is no instructor, no safety equipment. Rope tied in a large tree branch and you will jump from the top of the waterfall. If you are satisfied swinging, you can directly plunge into the river.

3. Niagara Citumang, Pangandaran – West Java
In Citumang, you can find cliffs, waterfalls and rivers pure blue. In this waterfall you can do ropeswing. There is a large tree that is the source of your pedestal hanging.

4. Rajamandala Bridge, West Bandung – West Java
Bridges connecting Cianjur and Bandung offers the sensation of jumping from a height of 35 meters. The bridge was also the site of one of the popular jumping rope.

5. Pasih Uug, Nusa Penida – Bali
If in the United States there Corona Arch, in Indonesia there Pasih Uug. This beach has cliffs as high as 50-200 meters of the hole in the middle. The sea water is trapped in the middle. You can try out swinging in the middle hole of the cliff.

Be carefull With Sensitive Teeth

gigiDuring this time, sensitive teeth is regarded as a minor issue. Although annoying, but the sense of pain tends to be detained. Many also assume that tooth sensitivity is a common problem, as we get older. In fact, this assumption is not true, because sensitive teeth are also common at younger ages.

Dental health experts say, sensitive teeth can be caused by many things, ranging from custom toothbrush is not good, choosing toothbrush is less precise, does not maintain oral hygiene, bleaching and whitening teeth excessive to frequently eat foods that are erosive the teeth.

Things above, if done in the long term will make into a thin layer of protective gear. Then, will cause tooth nerve exposed and emerged feeling pain when eating food and drink the sweet, sour, hot and cold.
Because pain just feels a little while, so left. In fact, the effect is everywhere. Pain taste should be eliminated. Regular toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrush select the appropriate and correct way of brushing teeth should be, in a circular motion.

He said, if left unchecked will arise sensitive tooth pulp inflammation, or inflammation of the nerves which will cause the death of the tooth. Dead tooth decay and become a hotbed of bacteria. Bacteria on the teeth can spread throughout the body, causing many diseases, such as diabetes and stroke.

Actually there is no definite age most prone to sensitive teeth. That is, because of the sensitive teeth or not depends on how we take care of dental hygiene from an early age. Teething child at the age of six years. If you brush your teeth and take care of his teeth are correct, sensitive teeth will not arise.

Things we need to know, there are people whose teeth structure is stronger than the other. In this case, genetic factors were taking part. To be sure, if you have sensitive teeth, it is advisable to consult a doctor for the cause to be urgently addressed.

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