Junk Food

Low-nutrient foods or Junk food is a term that describes the food
unhealthy or have smaller amounts of nutrients. Non nutrition foods containing a large amount of fat. Fast food such as hamburgers, fries of McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are often regarded as the food nonnutrition, while the same food as California Pizza Kitchen or Nando’s is not considered, though it has almost the same nutrients. For those who are suffering from gout or levels high uric acid, it is advisable to avoid the types of food such as The main cause of uric acid from food nonnutrition.


5 Short Exercises to Shape Chest Muscle

Chest muscle is a male body part that is often the center of attention in appearance. The appearance is always with six pack abs. So that the chest muscles become part of the body most often trained by many men.
There are 5 exercises that you can try to train the chest muscles at once improve your appearance.

1. Standing Cable Flyes

Grasp the handle cable with both hands, pull the handle simultaneously to the front of the chest, return to the starting position by slowly, repeat 10-15 reps. Standing_Cable_Flyes

2. Incline Bench Flyes

Lying on the incline bench, grasp a dumbbell in both hands, open your hand to the side, then close to the top, repeat 10-15 reps.incline_dumbbell_chest_fly

3. Around the World

This is only terms in fitness, it does not mean you have to travel around the world. Lie on your back on the bench, handheld dumbbells at your sides, raise both hands up with a semi-circular motion, back to its original position, repeat 10-15 reps.Around the world

4. Barbell benchpress

Lie on your back on the bench, handheld barbell with medium grip position, lift the dumbbells upward explosively lower slowly, repeat 10-15 reps (Enlist the help of a spotter if you are a beginner).Barbell Bench-press

5.Front Raise and Pullover

Lying supine on the bench, grasp the barbell with your palms down, lift the dumbbells up to be on top of the head, hold for a while, return to starting position, repeat 10-15 reps.Front raise pullover3

Do not forget to always compensate for the above exercise with a diet high in protein to support the development of your chest muscles. Good luck!

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