When is the Best Time to Drink Coffee?

Studies show that there are many benefits of drinking coffee. The reason many people drink coffee is that they can add energy and resist sleepiness. Asians are accustomed to drinking coffee before they move because it can increase enthusiasm and focus of work. So many people often make coffee as a supplement to be more productive.

But now there is an interesting fact about the right time to drink coffee. According to a study published by Independent.co.uk, revealed that we should avoid drinking coffee around 2 pm or seven hours before going to bed.
That is because the habit of drinking coffee at that time can adversely affect sleep. Studies in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine reveal that consuming coffee six hours before bedtime has a direct impact on sleep quality.

In addition, caffeine consumed three hours or six hours before going to bed will also cause sleep disorders. The right time to drink coffee is at 10 a.m. The Mayo Clinic also recommends drinking coffee up to 400 mg a day or 4 cups. Not only coffee, other drinks that contain caffeine, soda or energy drinks also have the same impact.

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