What is Reiki ?

I deliberately write back about reiki because there are many things to know, especially about history and origins. Reiki comes from the Japanese, Rei means universe and Ki means vital energy. So Reiki means vital energy of the universe. Reiki is a healing system that is considered most people came from Tibetan. This practice is believed to have descended from the ancient Vedic teachings, given a collection of writings on the great Rishi (sage) several thousand years ago.

The oldest extant text of more than 5,000 years old. Reiki is not religious, Although the practice of healing has a spiritual dimension. Reiki energy is a harmony with nature and can be used to cure the trees, humans, and animals, and can even be used to help purify and harmonize water and air.

Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. He often meditate regularly. To deepen the meditation he lived in the convent of San Mon in the mountains Kauravas, Kyoto, Japan. Then he did fasting and meditating for 21 days. On the last day of meditation, he felt a tremendous energy to penetrate into the body from the top of his head. That was the first attunement and the rediscovery of ancient healing techniques are terrible, in Japanese called Reiju, which means “to receive the energy / spirit”.

Mikao Usui was born in a wealthy family on August 15, 1865 in Kyoto Japan. In his childhood, he studied at the Tendai Buddhist monasteries. He followed the teachings of Buddha in all his life and became a very spiritual person. Dr. Usui became Professor of Christian Theology. One day a student asked “How exactly did Jesus heal?” Dr. Usui can not answer student questions and decides to leave his position and try to find answers to these questions.

He went to Tibet and spent a long time to find the secrets of ancient healing
science. This is the first time to learning reiki. During the study in Tibetan monasteries, Dr. Usui found ancient manuscripts containing the text of the symbol of healing. He believed that these symbols can unlock the power of healing on the spiritual leaders like Jesus and Buddha. This is the first discovered reiki symbols.

Since no one in the monastery which can explain the meaning of these symbols, he decided to look from within himself. He went to the top of the Holy Mountain Kuri Yama in Japan and running a 21-day process of purification, fasting and meditation that produces enlightenment and healing power. He came down from the mountains and spends his time practicing and teaching what we now know as REIKI. Mikao Usui is buried in the Temple Saihoji in Suginami-Ku, Tokyo.

One important part of Reiki is the kundalini. Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit language, the means like a snake coiled bed. Kundalini Reiki is actually a form of spiritual energy.  Energy roll “asleep” located in the sacrum bone, the base of the human spine. Moderate Divine chakra is the energy of the chakras above the human head. Higher vibration than Reiki. So Reiki / chakra and kundalini divine is a technique which studies the use of two energies. First the energy of the universe is energy that is great for health and healing. This energy is good for cleansing the body.

Cleaning starts from the top down, while cleaning the kundalini from the bottom up. To be able to channel energy, everyone must to attunement by the master. Reiki Attunement is the process of alignment and vibration pattern of a person’s energy with the energy and vibration pattern of the universe. After attunement, everyone can channel energy to themself and others during a lifetime. Reiki session does not conflict with any religion.

Treatment with Reiki / Chakra Divine is done by laying hands on the body or the upper body. During treatment we just let go, relax and relax. With a resigned and relaxed, the more energy flows smoothly into the body. The rest leave it to God because He is working on it. Attunement can only be administered by an official Reiki Master and have the ability to do so.

The ability is gained from the previous Reiki Master attunement process. Therefore, it can be said that the attunement represents something that has the character of Reiki from generation to generation. This can be evidenced from the origin to the derivative of Usui Reiki.

Reiki pick the several advantages compared with other healing techniques, including:

– Everyone can learning reiki with easily
– Does not require an exhaustive physical exercise
– Vibration is more subtle, more effective for healing
– Creating a link to the source of trouble or illness
– Energy will never run out and the flow will suit your needs
– Curing the problem of physical, emotional, and spiritual
– Easy to get, only with attunement for 20 minutes
– Can be used to make protection
-Permanent is not being used for things that are negative
– Healing can be done from a long distance
– Negative energy from the patient will not get into the body of the healer
– Energy healers will never run out
– Can be performed by a team of healers
Energy healing can be increased both in quantity and quality every time the     channel energy
– Some healers can combine with other energy Reiki energy for healing
– Reiki can be learned by all religions, there are reiki christian, reiki Islamic and Buddhist or hindu.

Some uses Reiki, among which are:

– Increase your energy and vitality.
– Increases intuition and peace.
– Improving the health, quality of life and personal development.
– Accelerate wound healing, difficulty / refusal, migraines, asthma, trauma
– Reduce stress dramatically.
– Reduce pain and side effects of drugs.
– Eliminate toxins in the body of the reiki practitioners.
– Accelerate the natural healing process in a way to harmonize the body’s energy.
– Make your hands as a complement to physician.
– Can be used for animals and plants.
– Improving the balance of a person’s body.
– Extend the life of body cells and improve skin with Reiki therapy.

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