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Being overweight is a nightmare for some people especially for those who really pay attention to appearances. Obesity also lowers a person’s self confidence that will affect the careers of people concerned. The most important thing you should consider in achieving an ideal weight are:

1. Strong intention, this is the foundation that you should wake up first before starting a weight-loss program. Do not even start before you’re truly ready for all your efforts will be futile. Embed this strong belief that you can do it, because this is the real purpose of your intentions.
2. Increase your knowledge first about nutritional content of every food that you consume. Read books or consult with a nutritionist is the best step.
3. Start with breakfast before the activity, do not abandon the house before your mouth touches the food. You can start with lighter ones such as bread, cereal, milk, yogurt or anything else.
4. No need to go on a diet, you need to do is to eat appropriate portions. Nutrients that enter must match the activity you are doing, avoid junk food, nutritious food is essential.
5. Eat regularly according to schedule, make sure that you eat 3 meals a day. Healthy food has always been a top choice. Choose foods that contain less saturated fat. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Choose a vegetable oil as a source of fat because it contains unsaturated fatty portions of the high. Eating lots of fish containing Omega 3 such as
6. Expand fiber consumption. Fiber is very important to keep the body healthy. Fiber that we eat everyday functions to help lower cholesterol and facilitate the emptying of the digestive tract. Fiber can also accelerate the sense of satiety, so naturally reduce food portions that are not useful. Most fibers have a high water content and low calorie foods that fit with what we need to lose weight.
7. Expand protein and less calories. Eat foods containing protein in large amounts will make your belly full in a few hours you will reduce the need for foods that contain high calories.
8. Avoid eating at night when you would go to sleep. Eating at night will destroy your efforts to lose weight because the calories you eat after dinner will be buried in the body. Brushing your teeth after dinner helped you to reduce the desire to eat other foods.
9. Drinking enough. Some nutritionists say that drinking enough then you will be protected from excessive eating. It is advisable to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
10. Exercise regularly. You can start from mild, such as jogging. Remember, exercise not only your weight but also makes your body more healthy. If you have more time you can join the gym, your instructor will guide and manage your schedule.
11. Your family is your motivator . They will help you provide encouragement when times are you experiencing saturation with weight-loss program you’re currently doing.
12. Note any progress achieved as long as you follow your weight-loss program. When you need to compare your performance with the achievement of your friends who do similar programs. This will be a motivator in achieving your goal to lose weight. The important thing is do not despair.

Good luck.

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