Maintain a Healthy Body with this Exercise


1 . Cardio – vascular training.
This exercise aims to improve the health of your heart rate . This exercise has many kinds such as running , swimming , walking briskly up . Cardio exercise for 20 minutes per day can improve your immune system .
2 . Strength training.
These types of exercises incorporate some form of weight training to improve and maintain your muscle strength .
3 . Body – weight training.
This exercise goes by utilizing your own body weight . These exercises include push ups , pull ups , and squats .
4 . High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ).
This training session although only lasts for 20 minutes , but already includes warm-up session , main session , and stretching session . This exercise is recommended to burn calories that accumulate in the muscle .
5 . Exercise & Weight Loss.
This type of exercise is suitable made for those trying to lose weight . Combined atara workout routine and balanced diet you would be able to reduce calories but keep your body fit .
6 . Kettle bells.
Kettlebells workout can burn more calories than similar simple exercise like sit ups and push ups .
7 . Functional Training.
The researchers say that this exercise is a function to improve balance , coordination , strength , and durability . Also this program is designed to assist a person in managing stress .
8 . Core Training.
Core training focuses on balancing the muscles of the abdomen , chest , and back .
9 . Group Personal Training.
One of the advantages of this type of exercise is you have extra motivation to keep exercising .
10 . Women of Power.
Nowadays women also want to improve their health with healthy activity . In addition , the motivation to exercise is women want to get a sexy body shape .

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