Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a condition where the skin reacts excessively on certain factors or certain materials. This excess skin reactions usually while wearing cosmetics, soap, shampoo, lotion or sunblock cream. Sensitive skin condition can deteriorate when exposed to the air is dry and cold. The reaction of sensitive skin are usually in the form of itching, burning, stinging or the sensation of the skin feels tight.

There are several things that make your skin sensitive, Among these are:

1. The chemicals in cosmetics
2. stress
3. Pollution and dirt
4. Lifestyle
5. Hormone
6. Diet and hydration
7. Clothes and jewelry
8. Household cleaners
9. Daily skin care
10. Environment (climate change)

As we get older, it is important to treat skin. Sensitive skin requires different care as normal skin to make it look fresh, clean and tight. For sensitive skin care is divided into two general care and special care.

1. General Care

General care is care that is shown for the whole body, because the skin clean and healthy is the result of general care and special care are performed simultaneously.

Healthy skin is the result of the condition of the body healthy and fit. This can be done by keeping your diet, active exercise, controlling stress, consumption of fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities, adequate rest, do not smoke, avoid drinking alcohol, do not drink a lot of soft drinks and junk food. If required the consumption of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

2. Special Care

Before discussing the special treatment, you must know in advance the type of your skin. If your skin is oily, then indeed your skin will be easier to have pores are relatively large. Especially if you ignore routine maintenance, then large pores will often let dirt / germs that cause blackheads to pimples. If it still continues to be, the pores of your skin will become larger and permanent, although acne or komedonya been cleaned.

You feel sensitive skin may be due to treatment and products used do not correspond to the type and condition of your skin. Therefore, prior to treatment or using certain products, know in advance the type and condition of the skin. After that do care and use skin care products according to the type and condition of your skin.

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