Treadmill Review

Treadmills are a tool designed to make you walk, run like you run or walk outdoors, you just run in place. Treadmill is a best-selling fitness machines because these machines are very easy to use, and can be used at any time and in all weather, and gives you a cardiovascular training effect as well as train the lower body portion is the same as walking or running outside. Running on a treadmill is also good for the joints because the uniform surface of the wheel than you ran outside with a surface that is sometimes uneven and sometimes hard. The downside is that if you frequently run the chest and your hands will look skinny and not muscular, unless you combine weight training and upper body exercises. Exercise treadmills are also very monotonous so you can practice while listening to music.

What are the existing instruments in a treadmill?

1. Control Panel is located on the front, in this section are: Distance meters,   Calorie meter, timer, Pulse meter, motor control.
2. Gear ballast.
3. Roller, Motor, Belt, Grip

You can choose to use the program ‘Quick Start’ or ‘Manual’. When you choose, you have entered basic training program run. After that you just adjust the intensity of the run as needed. Adjust speed and incline (degree incline) in accordance with your power.

If you are using a non-motor machine treadmill, then you simply run by pushing the wheels backward. Most treadmills use a motor and provide a more comfortable movement and exercise more choice. To begin the exercise, place your feet on the wheel before the engine is started. Adjust the speed and level of difficulty to the extent that you can run. Then, holding the handrails, and run the treadmill. Avoid always holding the handrails as you will burn fewer calories. Try to wiggle your hands free as you walk or run normally.

If you are already familiar with basic training on a treadmill, you can increase the intensity. Many treadmills have features programmed exercises and panel that lets you set the pace, timing and level of ascent. This feature allows you to practice climbing like like you’re walking climbing.

Exercise Treadmill Advantages:

1. Treadmill is suitable for training cardiovascular ability, burn fat and if done with proper portion usual slimming. This is because the calories burned on the treadmill with the calories burned when you practice on the road.
2. With high-quality treadmill workout you can adjust according to taste. Leisurely stroll, brisk walking, light jogging, sprinting or running to climb. In other words the control entirely in your hands.
3. Treadmill exercise would make a great tool for those who feel the lack of ‘space’ and time to practice.
4. This tool is considered suitable almost for everyone and a variety of conditions. Those who never experienced back pain, weak ankles or knees, for example, can still do it because the treadmill to reduce the pressure on the joints. A good treadmill is also shock absorbing.
5. With a treadmill you can monitor your heart rate through the monitor, knowing the calories burned, distance you traveled, and speed of run / walk.
6. Can be moved anywhere.

For your convenience note the following:

1. The first time you use a treadmill, you may feel a little dizzy or experiencing a kind of disorientation. No need to worry. These complaints will disappear after two or three times to practice. But if you always dizzy after doing a treadmill, immediately contact a specialist sports.
2. Do not accustomed to relying on the usual rails handrails are on both sides of the machine. First time using your treadmill is fine to hold in there to get a balance.
3. Running on the treadmill takes practice, begin by slowly then gradually increase the speed of the road and fled. Make sure you ran on the front of the monitor near a treadmill machine. So if at any time it takes you can easily reach them.
4. Avoid using the machine-system self-powered treadmill, a new move when you walk or run on it. This will make it difficult for those who are beginners because they are already accustomed to treadmill, were generally less comfortable with a tool like this.

Always secure the exercise is important, therefore avoiding the things that can cause injury. Almost most treadmills have a safety strap that connects the console and the clip that clipped on your shirt, so if you slip or be dragged backward, the string will be attracted and killed the engine. Many quality treadmills are equipped with heart rate monitor in which the sensor is also mounted on the handrails. To use it, just put your hand on the sensor for about a minute until you see your target heart rate on the monitor. Alert, sometimes the monitor does not work with accuracy.

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