Tall Men Tend to Cheat.

We often hear that women love to look for tall men, and certainly handsome.

But a study revealed that tall men are more likely to pass an affair. They are considered a less loyal figure.

Research reported online dating site Ashley Modison found that higher men may be more likely to have an affair than those who have stature less than 10 feet. It is not known why it can happen, but experts say that short-bodied people-referred to as little man syndrome-not so confident about women.

This study also supports a previous study that says that if your partner’s age will be exhausted at the number 9 (29, 39, 49, etc.), you should be more watchful.

In a study published by Proceedings of the Natural Academy Sciences, people who face important birthdays tend to be unfaithful.

People who will enter the new decade, called prefer to take a lot of risk and more spontaneous.

While other factors why our partner likes to cheat is the level of education. Ashley Modison revealed, three percent of its members have PhD-compared with a global population of only 0.7 percent.

On this issue, there is a theory in circulation; that people with high IQ generally have more resources to keep their secrets.

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