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5 Short Exercises to Shape Chest Muscle

Chest muscle is a male body part that is often the center of attention in appearance. The appearance is always with six pack abs. So that the chest muscles become part of the body most often trained by many men.

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder muscles are anatomically divided into 2 major parts, namely: 1. Deltoid: shoulder muscles rounded side 2. Trapezius: middle shoulder muscle that extends downward from the neck back down to mid-back. Exercise to widen the shoulders for more visible V-shaped

Bench Press

Bench press is a tool to train the upper body. For the purposes of bodybuilding, used to strengthen muscles pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. This appliance is equipped with Barbell or Dumbbell heavy burden that can be arranged. There are many

How to Strengthen Arm Muscle?

Here are tips to establish and strengthen the arm muscles, so tight and not weak : There are a few simple efforts to form arms, namely the biceps curl exercise. To exercise such as this, you can use a long