Stretching After a Day Working At The Office

Sitting all day in an office chair for 9 hours looking at the screen can cause stiffness throughout the body, from the back to the toes. Plus a long trip from the office to the house. To overcome this there are 6 simple stretching movements that can be done before going home.

1. Standing lateral side stretch

Standing with the position of both legs opened shoulder width apart. The view is straight forward and the body is in an upright state. slowly the body is bent to the right or to the left.
In doing this movement, the thing to watch out for is not to bend forward or backward. So only the upper body moves. Do it for the other side in the same way.

This stretching movement will provide stretch on the waist area and also the side of the abdominal side.

2. Standing toe-raised hamstring stretch

Do it by standing with the right knee in a slightly folded position, while the left leg straight ahead. left foot toes are directed upwards and the body leaning forward and back straight.
hands can rest on the objects that are around, such as poles. If there is no pedestal, it can rest on the right knee of the folded knee. Keep this position up to 5 or 8 counts. Slowly this stretch will stretch the muscles of the hamstring area and also the muscles of the calf.

The usefulness of stretching these muscles is to release tension or fatigue in the back and calf areas due to standing or walking for a long time. Do the same on the other side and can be repeated 3 to 5 times.

3. Standing heel back calf stretch

Stand in an upright position, both feet in parallel position then move your right leg back as far as possible and keep your back in a state of upright and press the heel to the floor so that the stretch on the calf area.

At the time of pressing the heel and stretch the calf, hold the movement for 5-8 seconds and repeated as much as 3 to 5 times. Do the same for the other side.

This stretch will stretch the entire calf area and also on the foot or ankle area. The function of this stretch is to relax or stretch the calf area which usually becomes tense and stiff as a result of walking or standing.

4. Foot behind shin stretch

Stand up straight with both feet in parallel and straight forward, then place or move your right foot toward the back and aim your right toes on the floor. Apply pressure on the right ankle area to the floor causing stretching of the lower leg muscles of the front.

Hold the stretching movement as much as 5 to 8 counts and do repetition as much as 3 to 5 times repetition. Do it also for other positions in the same way.

The function of this movement is to remove the tension in the front of the lower legs are usually caused by sitting in the same position for a long time or due to walk or stand for a long time.

5. Standing foot supination stretch

Do it in a standing position, both feet in parallel position and open shoulder width and then slowly do the foot movements directed inwards.
Keep your upper and lower legs in a straight line. So that is moved only on the area of ​​the ankle and on the sole of the foot only.

This movement is held for 5 to 8 counts and repetition of 3 to 5 repetitions. Do also for the other side of the foot on the left in the same way.

6. Standing foot pronation stretch

This is done in almost the same position as the previous movement. So stand up straight with both feet pointing forward and open shoulder width apart and right foot slightly raised then move your feet on the ankle directed outward so that away from the left foot.

Hold 5 to 8 counts and repeat 3 to 5 times. The same is done also for the other side. The function of motions 5 and 6 is to relax and eliminate stiffness in the ankle area.

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