How to Stop the Overthinking Habit?

Overthinking is often annoying thoughts and daily activities. When this condition occurs continuously will cause the body to get sick and make you no longer productive. Thinking is the natural process of the body when faced with a problem. Nature of human mind will direct our movements to try to find a solution to the problem.

Based on reports from Pshychology Today, thinking too much about negative things can degrade mental health. This can encourage someone to do something in the subconscious. Instead of drawn-out in these misleading circumstances, you should do some of the following positive things that can avoid overthinking.

1.Take a deep breath

A deep breath can calm the body and mind. Do this slowly and release all negative thoughts as you exhale. Repeat many times, as comfortable as possible until you feel more calm than before.

2. Walking

Take off your footwear and walk wherever you want. Accompanied by a soothing favorite music and release all negative thoughts by looking around you.

Choosing where to walk such as parks, beaches, or mountains will provide more deeper peace to escape from overthinking.

3. Writing on paper

Instead you have to stem the mind in the head, try to take a piece of paper and pour all your emotions and anger there. Writing can really cut your overthinking habits (Huffington Post).

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