Starting a Weight Training

Weight training is a type of exercise that focuses on specific body parts muscles aim is to strengthen or build muscle it. Weight training should using a tool or a burden whose weight adjusted for body strength who use it. The types of muscle are usually trained by using weights are :  Chest Muscles, Shoulder muscles (deltoids and trapezius), Muscle Back, Leg Muscles (Front Thigh, Thigh Back, Legs), Arm Muscles: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms and stomach muscles.

There are two types of movement in weight training are:
1. Compound movement
2. isolation movement

Compound movements are movements that involve two or more kinds of muscle. This movement requires us to lift heavier loads because of the many muscles involved. If the purpose of the exercise to increase muscle mass, then do 2-3 types of exercises included in this category compound movement with an additional 1 type of movement / isolation exercises.

These are examples of compound exercises to build your muscle mass to maximum:
* Muscles Shoulders: Military Press, Hang Clean and Press, Arnold Press, Dumbbell Military Press
* Arm Muscles : Grip Chin Up, dips, Close-Grip Pushup
* Legs Muscle : Barbell Squat, deadlift, Lunges
* Back Muscle : Chin-Up, Cable Pull-Down, deadlift, Cable Row
* Chest Muscle : Push-ups, dips, Bench Press, Incline Bench Press

Isolation movement is a movement that only involves a kind of muscle only. The movement is not allows us to lift the maximum load, but this isolation movement allows we maximize the process of formation of muscle to make it look more complete with more exercises focusing on the perfection of motion, not on heavy load. If the purpose of the exercise just want to improve the quality of muscle without adding muscle mass, then do exercises included in this type of movement / isolation exercises such as leg extensions. Isolation movement, which only move your body by bending one joint, that’s knee.

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