Smart Detox

Poor urban air conditions due to environmental pollution, diet and unhealthy lifestyles and chronic stress cause a buildup of toxins in our bodies. Toxins are all forms of substances that have the effect of damaging the cell’s function and cell structure. There are toxins that are soluble in water and some are fat soluble. The most dangerous is fat-soluble, because it is difficult to decompose and accumulative so that it can cause damage to the body’s detoxification system and metabolic disorders.

What is the result of toxin buildup?

The accumulation of toxins in the body over time will cause serious health problems. Toxins can cause a decrease in endurance so that they are susceptible to diseases such as flu, metabolic disorders, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, tumors and others.

If you take medication, liposuction, machine therapy and hospital care do not give satisfactory results, then what is the best solution to overcome the pile of toxins in the body? The best solution is Detoxification. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins in the body by absorption, distribution, biotransformation and excretion of toxin molecules. When the body detoxifies, we stop filling the body with various harmful substances. In addition, detoxification provides proper nutrition which functions to accelerate the release of toxins and trigger the growth of new cells.

The detoxification program can be done in various ways, one of the best is Smart Detox. Smart Detox is a modern 20-day detoxification program that has been adapted to today’s lifestyle and eating patterns. Smart Detox offers a detoxification method that does not torture those who run it. With this program we can still consume other foods, only strictly regulated. Smart Detox is done by pattern 232. The purpose is, the first 2 days of preparation, 3 full days of fasting and 2 days of adjustment after fasting or resting. And so on until 20 days.

Smart Detox uses high-quality and reliable products from SYNERGY who have experienced producing food supplements for more than 40 years.

Smart Detox Schedule:

  1. Detox 2 days preparation period

The first and second days reduce eating half of the normal portion. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fat.

2. Detox period of 3 days

The third day until the fifth day detoxes completely, leaving carbohydrates, meat, eggs. Change food with Synergy products. May eat fruit in addition to nutrients.

3. 2 days rest period.

On the sixth and seventh days you can rest. The diet is changed again like the preparation period (days 1 and 2).

Smart Detox Benefits:

The main function of the Smart Detox program is to remove toxins from important organs in our body. These important organs are: heart and blood vessels, liver, stomach, intestines, digestive system, urinary tract, lungs, lymph and pancreas. The benefits of Smart Detox are:

  1. Helps cure various diseases. Restoring the functions of organs in the body will speed up the process of healing the disease.
  2. Forming an ideal body. Burn fat and remove toxins in fat cells. Increase the speed of metabolism and breakdown of fat so that body weight is ideal.
  3. Increase stamina and the body’s immune system.
    Removing toxins will improve health and endurance.
  4. Improve sex performance and fertility. Removing toxins will help increase blood vessel elasticity and this is very good for sexual health. Increasing sperm production will also increase fertility.
  5. Body cell regeneration.
    Detoxification will help speed up the replacement of damaged body cells, increase red blood cells or hemoglobin.
    6.Make young. Cell regeneration makes the face and skin brighter so it looks younger.

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