Sit Up

Many people want a strong abdominal muscles and look sixpack. Sit Ups are one method to strengthen the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Sit Up are also made to burn belly fat, many believe that this is the most appropriate way and most easily performed. You can lie on the floor, for a new attempt to bend the knee 90 degrees, hands are placed behind the head or neck, then slowly lift your body up to 90 degrees, straighten your head with the body, set up your breath as possible, find a friend to hold your feet .Sit ups can also be done alone with a stationary tool holder legs, do it between 5-10 times a day. Do not do it when your body is not healthy this may cause potensial risk of spinal damage and back injuries or abdominal cramps. Sit ups can also strengthen the hip and thigh muscles, if done correctly can certainly beautify your body shape. Do not let the fat accumulated in your stomach, Sit Up is one solution.


You can see the position of Sit Up


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