How to Safely Use Public Toilets ?

Daily activities may require you to use public toilets, for example toilet in the office, at the mall or other places. It’s might look clean, latrines a breeding place a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Bacteria such as salmonella, streptococcus, E. coli and various other viruses can cause sore throat, flu or indigestion.

The bacteria can enter the body through the interaction you do with objects that exist in a public toilet. For example, when touched flush the toilet, faucets, door handles, or other objects that you touch. It is impossible to avoid public toilets due to hold urine or pup can cause serious problems for your health.

How to Protect Yourself in Public Toilets ?

You dont worry about using public restrooms, consider a few important things:
1. Do not put your luggage on the floor toilet.
2. Before using the toilet, flush used to remove urine and other waste that the source of the battery.
3. If using the toilet seat, first wipe the toilet seat with a tissue.
4. Cover the toilet seat with toilet seat upholstery if any, or use paper towels upholstery.
5. Do not sit on the toilet seat if it looks wet or dirty. Positions that can be done is by sitting float without touching the toilet. You can draw on a wall or door while doing so.
6. To the extent possible, avoid to touch objects that exist in the toilet. You can use a tissue when pressed flush in the toilet or the door.
7. Close the toilet before pressing the flush to avoid splashing water. If there is no cover, stay away from when making a flush toilet.
8. Wash your hands with soap finished using the toilet, using hot water if available in order to more effectively kill germs.
9. If you bring alcohol hand wash liquid which was used without rinsing, can be used after washing hands and leaving the toilet.
10. Keep your body healthy condition with exercise and adequate rest.

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