Reduce Sugar, Salt and Fat for Healthy Life.

Nowadays people are beginning to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, therefore regulating diet and regular exercise are important things to do. It aims so that the body is always in good health. So that we can enjoy life in a long and pleasant time. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the causes of death in the world are mostly caused by stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, which are related to lifestyle.
If in ancient times people often contracted infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, chicken pox. But now more suffer from non-communicable diseases (NCD). three diseases of the body’s metabolism are often caused by excessive body weight. In addition, lack of physical activity and consumption of unhealthy foods are also the cause. One way to maintain excessive weight is to limit consumption of sugar, salt, and fat. By limiting these three foods, the chances of getting stroke, heart disease, and diabetes will decrease. Another thing that can be done is to eat vegetables and fruit. We can replace the afternoon snack with fruit juice and oatmeal. healthy food is not always labeled ‘organic‘. Highly recommended combination of healthy foods with exercise. The right dose for the three ingredients is: sugar no more than 4 spoons (50 grams) per day, salt no more than 1 spoon or 2 grams per day, fat no more than 5 spoons or 67 grams per day.

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