Privacy Policy

To avoid undesired incident, we give some provisions that must be observed by every visitor who comes to our site :

1. You are at least 18 years old and can understand the contents of this website. This should be considered because there are a few articles on this site relating to adult life. We give priority to those who love and are interested in information about Fitness and lifestyle.
2. We not guarantee 100% accuracy of the contents of each article on this site, it all depends on how far your understanding of Fitness. Every time we can replace / delete the news and articles already published.
3. To do spamming is a violation, we do not allow for anyone to make an offer or solicitation of a business that is not related to the contents of this site.
4. A large of image displayed on this site is the copy from various sources including free image providers, if any parties object to us please inform us with clear evidence, we will remove the image in question.
5. we allow anyone who wants to retrieve information from this site but must give credit points for us to include links on your site.
6. All of rules and regulations contained in this site is subject to change at any time without prior notice.