Your muscles need this food

FoodThe function of food for the body is a source of energy (power), the source material of cells and tissues of the body and replace cells damaged or old, and regulatory processes that occur in the body as well as body armor against various diseases. The human body is composed of skeletal and muscle. To get a good and strong muscles needed food appropriate to the needs of the body. With these foods you can build your muscles and more confident with your body.

This is the perfect protein to build your muscles. Egg have the highest Biological value and most of high protein content. Be careful for those of you who are allergic to eggs because it will cause health problems.

Bean sprouts
Sprouts is plant (sporophyte) youth who had just grown from seed in the embryonic stage. Made from mung bean. Sprouts are often used as a food ingredient and are classified as vegetables. The food turned out to have remarkable properties in our bodies. High content of vitamin E in food is to function as an anti-oxidant which can prevent free radicals that occur after we do heavy weight training. The less muscle exposed to free radicals, the faster your muscle recovery and growth.

Sea fish
Many people love the fish that was also very useful for our body. Its content of omega-3 fatty acids may prevent muscle breakdown after we practice hard. Protein contained in fish is the good muscle-forming material. Many types of fish that can be consumed to build muscle like salmon and tuna.

The content of CLA (cojugated linoleic acid) in yogurt really helps you to keep your body from fat. In addition to the high carbohydrate content and can help clean your body needs carbohydrates completed very heavy practice.

More than a source of protein, beef also contain iron and zinc. Moreover this food also contains creatine, a substance that can pump up your muscles to work harder and grow faster. In addition, as an alternative, you can also enjoy the chicken meat that has the same amount of protein, but without creatine.

Unsaturated fat content serves as an anti-catabolic so as to prevent muscle damage and strengthen it. A lot of the benefits of consuming this fruit, especially for muscle development.

Coffee contains caffeine which can stimulate the muscles of your heart so that you can work harder to lift the load and helps burn fat so it can be streamline your body. But if you have health problems related to caffeine then you should avoid caffeine in coffee or other forms. We recommend that you limit your coffee consumption because it also has an influence on the hormone cortisol.

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