Lose Weight with Dancing

According to Theresa Stevens happiness is the key component to getting the beauty the body of your dreams.  There are three secrets of success for weight loss, this is a revolutionary  way that has not been known.

Some time ago, she was a high school English teacher and she works with the clock of a very long and feel completely disconnected from his body. She has time which is really hard to become over-weight.  It feels very uncomfortable to sit or bent, and one of her best asset is the beautiful leg has a pocket saddle fat behind them.  And she did not even want to wear swimsuits during that time in her life.

It’s very difficult to change the situation because it was so impossible to motivate to exercise after working all day.  She called it, “stuck in the habit of sitting in my ass. “

So, how confidential lose extra weight and changing views on your body ?

SECRET 1 : Love your body.

If you love your body and enjoy the exercise, you are more likely to stay up, that makes sense right? And when you love your body, your body will naturally a body you love.  You can not get them by others,  it must come from love and appreciate yourself,  just like you.. now…!

So you can achieve all your health, weight, attractiveness, and beauty and purpose . The first step is to make peace with yourself exactly as you are now. Say you love your collarbone.  Find tops that show off the bone dance your neck and when you’re dancing in the mirror,  look at your collarbone and admire them.

Look at  your lips and beautiful smile.  Put on some red Lip gloss old when you do exercise your mouth and enjoy how sexy you look when you dance and smile and get all hot and bothered from the exercise. So take a moment and tell me what you appreciate about your beauty, strength You, your natural grace and femininity now. If you are able to find things to love and appreciate about your body exactly as of now,  you create a strong and reasonable springboard for your dreams.

SECRET 2 : Enjoy your life

The second one has a beauty secret of happiness in the body of your dreams is to Pleasure,  knows the strength in your life,  by definition it is a very real means a good feeling  for you.

So, if you’re not in pleasure then most likely you are in stress.  When You in stress ,  your body release stress hormone called cortisol which can slow down your metabolism, causing you to gain weight and make you more like fatty foods, salty and sweet foods. If you are in fun or what I like to call Body Joy, your releases neurotransmitters called endorphins  and your body feels light,  happy, loved, loved, and a natural high!

The best way to amuse yourself when you are in stress is to pleasure , get into other ways besides eating. And understand how pleasure is the second major component in weight agencies is critical to the success of your sexy! and the most important thing is that you need to schedule the Pleasure to your life. Forget your busyness and routines for a moment, bring yourself to enjoy what you like within reasonable limits,  no one is going to do it  for you…but you..!

So What can you do? perhaps this simple thing …..

After lunch with friends, sitting in a hot tub, playing with your dog, reading in the sun, eating fresh fruit, getting a pedicure, gardening, sing..?

It’s important to schedule time in each day of the week to do something which will bring  your pleasure. You dont have to spend much time, only 15 minutes, but doing this is extremely effective and truly revolutionary in your life.

SECRET 3 : Go Dance

The third secret that helps you lose weight is to dance and go to passion play in your body, get into what I like to call Body Joy. There is some kind of dances,  such as salsa and samba.

Dance style focuses on your pleasure center hips and booty, shaking and invite you to step into a place to celebrate your unique beauty and bright. The Dance is Samba!

Female pleasure center in their hips, it is where the core of our movement
originated. We feel things in our intestines and is knocked into the sensual self
we make us feel overflowed and creative in every area of our lives. Harmonious relationships, infinite love, the funniest experience, adventure, and energy of life.

You can run your sensual sacred center by scheduling time to play and celebrate the beauty of the hips to have fun in the art of shaking hips and delicious rhythm of your body.

And you are entitled to get all of that.

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