Ketogenic Diet to Prolong Life and Increase Physical Strength

Ketogenic diet or keto diet, is one popular way that many people do to lose weight. If most diets avoid fat, ketogenic diets precisely emphasize high intakes of fat, protein, and low carbohydrates.

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of California found that ketogenic diets not only can lose weight, but also increase physical strength and make the perpetrators more longevity.

The team conducted trials on three groups of mice. First group, mice with high carbohydrate diet; second group, mice with low-carbo and high-fat diets; the last group, mice with ketogenic diet.

“These results are somewhat surprising, we thought there was little difference, but I was impressed by the magnitude of the differences we observed,” said nutritionist Jon Ramsey, senior author of the study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

From the results of the experiment, Ramsey and his team found a 13 percent increase in lifetime in mice who underwent a high-fat diet than rats with high-carbohydrate diets.

“In humans, the time can range from seven to ten years, and most importantly, mice with a high-fat diet have improved health quality,” Ramsey explained.

The researchers observed, ketogenic diet improves memory, motor function, and prevents increased signs of aging. In fact, this diet also affects the appearance of tumors.

“In this case, many of the things we observed [in mice] did not differ much from humans, at a basic level, humans followed the same changes and decreased overall organ function during aging,” Ramsey said.

A similar study published by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in the same journal shows that the ketogenic diet can prolong life and improve memory in aging rats.

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