Jogging is one sport that is very easy to do and of course you don’t have  to pay anything. Jogging can be done anywhere and the best time is in the morning. Jogging can be done in various ways: the long distance between 2-20 km in normal speed; distance of 3-6 km high speed; Jogging taken at medium speed in a 4-8 kg.

If jogging is only one sports activity undertaken, to do every other day is a measure of idelnya. That was enough to provide all health benefits and improve conditions, and your immune system. But if you combine jogging with other sports, two times a week doing pretty good for health. Perhaps you feel hungry when going to do jogging, but you should not do it after dinner. You can do it anytime during the day, but much better off jogging as the first activity in the morning.

How to do it?

Highly recommended to stretch before jogging session, and not just on your leg muscles, but also the whole body, do it for 2 minutes before and after 3-4 minutes.
If you’re not used to doing physical exercises, before you start jogging, it is good to consult with your doctor. You may have a health problem, which is not recommended for jogging, or should you consider when jogging. For the first, you should run in place for 10 minutes. Then you can add time, distance and speed when used.

First, start with slow movements and a little effort in a few hundred meters to warm up your muscles. Then slowly add your speed. If you’ve done half the route, you can run faster according to your ability. If the route is long enough, you can take two or three drive with a nearly full capacity. For the last hundred yards you run slowed movement.

What are the benefits of jogging?

Lots of benefits to be gained from the activities of jogging, especially for the body and mental health, the benefits of jogging for the body are:
1. Good for the heart, improving blood circulation and respiration
2. To swift digestion system and to solve digestion problem.
3. Preventing stress / depression
4. Increasing the capacity to work and lead an active life
5. Jogging helps you burn fat and obesity
6. If you have problems with appetite, jogging to help you fix it
7. Jogging tightening leg muscles, thighs and back
8. Makes sleep more soundly.

Pleasure derived from Jogging

Jogging also can give you pleasure both physically and mentally. When jogging is done properly, you will not feel tired when you’ve finished a tour more than you did before. You also benefit from feeling comfortable in the muscles during the jogging and afterwards. Jogging can direct you to always think positive.

You will feel the wind blowing softly around your body, you can listen to the sound of birds singing, the sound of flowing water, or sound waves in the ocean (if you do at the beach). During the jogging you can also feel a sense of excitement.

Clothes And Shoes

The clothes you wear should be in accordance with the air. As the warm air, shorts and t-shirt comfortable enough to wear. However, if you do a route that far there’s nothing wrong with extra clothes in a small bag, in case if the air was bad. Choose clothing that can provide good ventilation, avoid full stitches, sharp-edged or tightly wrapped.

As for shoes, wear soft and comfortable, but with a form that fits in the leg. Select the base can be bent by bending your foot in the movement but enough to support the terhentak with soil, so that does not make you slip.

After jogging, you should not immediately sit, stand in a relaxed position, take a deep breath and exhale, do a few times until your heart rate closer to normal. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.  Good luck.

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