Maybe you belong to this class is very difficult to change a new lifestyle with regular diet and exercise routine. Then review your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is very powerful influence on our lifestyle and behavior. Hypnosliming method might be worth you trying to achieve your desired weight. Hypnoslimming, namely Hypnotherapy is used exclusively for making the ideal weight and more attractive appearance, including how to be young, beautiful skin and the management of inner beauty. Hypnotherapy is a method of therapy or treatment with hypnosis.
According to the U.S. Department of Education, Human Services Division, making the definition of hypnosis : “Hypnosis is the by-pass of the factor of the conscious critical mind followed by the establishment of acceptable selective thinking”. In 1955, British Medical Association has stated that proper use of hypnosis to treat hysteria and used as an anesthetic or to alleviate pain.
Hypnosis for health and growing, in 2001, Professional Affairs Board of the British Psychological Society stated that hypnosis can reduce anxiety, stress and other psychological problems. During its development, until now, hypnosis is very helpful in developing the performance of self and the teaching-learning process
HypnoSlimming not only serves to lose weight quickly and safely, but also maintaining ideal body weight in a very long time.

Benefit of Hypnoslimming :
• Weight loss down 1-4 kg / week to reach your ideal weight.
• You do not have to suffer hunger.
• You may eat whenever and wherever you want.
• You do not need to diet or control diet.
• you can eat whatever you want until you are full.
• You do not need to force yourself to exercise.
• Natural. Without any medicine. Safe for health.
• Becoming more self-love yourself and accept what it is.
• The more confident and sociable.
• You will be treated as well to clean up all the emotional problems associated with obesity.
• The long term / permanent.

For people who do not know the benefits of hypnotherapy, may wonder how we can lose weight without doing serious business. While other weight loss programs usually require that our discipline is to intensify food and sports.
A hypnotherapis will look for root causes and rearrange or  re-educated subconscious self-sabotage that could be eliminated. then give a post hypnotic suggestion in the form of a new lifestyle that should be followed in order to obtain the ideal weight, slim, and attractive.

Steps should be taken:
First, consult your doctor or your gym instructor, find out what your ideal weight, including technical detail how the ideal fat content, what is the ideal ratio of muscle mass and your fat content. Ask diagnosis of your current body condition.
Second, determine the target that you need to accomplish such an ideal body weight to 50 kg with 15% fat content and lean stomach. As a note for this outcome as a necessity.
Third, look for very strong reasons why you should do this. With good reason then the subconscious mind will be easy to adjust.
Fourth, set a strategy on the subconscious level, how the sport activity, diet and positive thinking of the condition and appearance of body weight is ideal.
Fifth, do hypnotherapy or self Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Slimming Technique
After performing the steps above, a hipnotherapis will do anamnesis and examination of the level of suggestibility, suggestibility good physical, emotional suggestibility suggestibility including intellectual. Indeed the level of suggestibility by many hipnotherapis so far only about hypnoidal, light, medium, deep (somnambulism). Measuring instruments which are widely used is the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale. But a new paradigm in the form of physical characteristics and Emotional Suggestibility discussed fully by John Kappas P, HD, from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (can be seen in John Kappas, PhD Professional Manual Hipnotism 1975)
After knowing the level of suggestibility, as usual induction techniques can be done, whether direct or indirect with different variations. Deepening then performed to obtain an adequate depth of trance. To know the main causes of obesity could use age regression techniques, which give special attention to the Initial Sensitive Event. hypno-analysis can be done after knowing prima causa or underlying causes.
Then performed re education to banish self-sabotage and then conducted a re educate the subconscious mind. Here there are various techniques for hypnosliming. Can with parts therapy, can swish pattern or patern to destroy and replace old habits with new patterns of living more healthy. Or use role models, or Forgiveness therapy to eliminate the burden or expense in the past emotional wounds that affect obesity. Only later do a post hypnotic suggestion that contain the purpose of suggestion after suggestion remains hypnosliming process.

Good luck.

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