How to avoid injury during exercise ?

Exercise has many benefits in maintaining body fitness, regular exercise due to the burning of body fat will run perfectly. A good exercise to be done the right way and with enough intensity.  Excessive exercise, especially if done in a way that does not correct it can damage the body and can cause injury.

Here are tips to avoid injury during exercise:

1. Always warm up

Think of your body’s engine. To be comfortable, it also requires little heating so all the oil can pass through the machine and the risk of damage is reduced.¬†5-10 minutes warming up before exercise will make blood flow more smoothly and increase the temperature of the muscles so that we can breathe more quickly. It also will help the body adapt to every movement made.

2. A progressive program

Know your current fitness level and do the appropriate program. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your program. It is recommended to increase the duration of no more than 10-15 percent per week.

3. Avoiding the weekend syndrome

Busyness is often robs us of time until there was no time left to work out on weekdays. Instead, we usually do sports on the weekends. However, because they want to burn more calories, exercise done to excess so that sometimes lead to injury.

Moderate intensity exercise performed every day are healthier and have higher risk of experiencing an injury compared with exercise extra hard to do once on the weekend.

4. Avoid excessive exercise

Wanting to pursue a target weight loss, many people who push yourself up to a certain point and eventually injury. Obviously this is not the right way to exercise. Keep exercising within your limits. If you experience severe fatigue, immediately rested. Make sure you do not face the symptoms of dizziness, heart palpitations, chest pain, and joint pain.

5. Do not exercise when ill

Do not exercise if you feel not fit. When you exercise after recovering from illness or injury, start slowly and gradually.

6. Inadequate fluid needs

Water consumption during exercise so the body is not dehydrated and exhausted, especially when performed in outdoor sports.

7. Wear comfortable clothing

Choose clothing that absorbs sweat and loose. For women who wear a supportive bra for exercising.

8. Asked for advice from instructor

Never be ashamed to take lessons from an instructor. They better understand which body part should be established first and the right intensity to achieve your goals.

9. Adequate rest

No less important, remember to cool down after you complete the exercise. Strenuous exercise can cause your muscles tighten, and the condition is more susceptible to injury. Make sure you create a regular exercise program to stretch the muscles to maintain flexibility.

10. Inadequate nutrition and vitamins

Adequate and nutritious food is needed both to support sports activities. Success in maintaining body fitness is determined if the food. Good food will maintain the flexibility of the body especially at the joints. It is important to prevent injury during exercise.


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