Healthy Sleep

Sleeping in addition aims to take a break from daily activities, as well as the right for physical and mental rest.  A good sleep is not only determined from quantity or duration of sleep, but also of the quality of sleep itself. How to sleep comfort ? To get quality sleep or healthy sleeping, is worth some sleep tips for you to try :

– Warm bath before bed
Relax half an hour before bedtime.
– Make bedtime routines and rituals, such as cleaning the skin, followed
with the use of body care products, or read a light book or holy book and      pray.
– Choose the most comfortable mattress. Do not use a mattress that is too narrow if want to sleep quality and to avoid sleep problems.
– Use a loose cotton clothing to bed.
– The use of socks while sleeping can make it easier for someone to sleep when the body warmer, you’ll fall asleep faster.
– If the mind is busy thinking about certain problems, think of happy moments
or use the visualization technique.
– Avoid disturbance during sleep with the door closed, adjust the room temperature comfortable as possible, not too hot or cold, as well as to minimize light and sound.
– Keep your routine when you wake up in the morning, even on weekends, at any I went to bed, to balance the body.

There are no definite rules about good sleep position, we are free to choose the position accordance with the healthy sleep habits and comfort. There is some common sleeping position by every person : on his side right, left side, supine, and sleeping on stomach.

Tilt bed

As well as sleeping on your stomach, sleep on his side to the left will burden the heart with your weight. At the same time, the heart must pump blood still. It is fatigue can lead to fatal heart that in the long run. The best side sleeping position is “baby style” with the back arched and legs slightly bent toward the chest.  This position reduces pressure on the spine,facilitate breathing, and freeing the body’s organs. Use a pillow that is a bit harsh under the head and neck to relieve pressure on shoulders. Insert the cushion between both legs to support body is not too centered on the hip and lead to stiff.

Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on your back very well when you have back pain. Insert a pillow under knee leg beneficial to reduce the burden on the lower back.

Sleep on stomach

This is the worst sleeping position for pressing the heart, lungs and stomach.
But if for some reason you have to sleep on his stomach, use a pillow under the abdomen and waist. Avoid using a pillow to the head or reduce its size because it will pressing your neck.

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