Fun Activity to Lose Weight

No need to bother to go to the gym. Simply by reducing the time your TV viewing habits and eat more fruit, calories can be reduced without realizing it. “Just by making two changes in lifestyle will provide a great effect and one need not be overwhelmed,” said Bonnie Spring, professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg of Medicine, told through Medicaldaily (31/5).

These results were obtained after the researchers recruited 204 patients aged 21-61 years, then divide into four groups. The first group is required to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, plus increased physical activity. The second group had to reduce fat and lazy habits.

The third group had to reduce fat and increase physical activity, and the last group should increase the intake of fruit and cut the habit of idleness. Researchers found people who eat fruits and vegetables and stop eating potato chips while lounging on the couch are better able to maintain weight.

Approximately 86 percent of participants admitted experiencing weight loss after such a healthy lifestyle. “People can make a huge change in a short time and still maintain a good habit. It is further shown good results than we thought before,” said Spring. You want to try ..?

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