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Fitness and health is a universal process which comprises: weight management, nutrition, diet and exercise all go hand in hand to help you find the answer yourself. Definition of Fitness and health have the same meaning in every country.
Fitness and health is a subjective term open to various interpretations by those who are different. Furthermore, because people will be sick more often in contact with health services from healthy people, health is often measured in a way that does not directly. Fitness and health are emphasized with the improvement of health services and facilities is coordinated with the agencies outside.

Fitness is a technique to ensure the efficient working of all organs and body parts such as the vital organs, muscles, joints, glands, and all network functions such as digestion, respiration, blood circulation, expenditure, expenditure, and reproductive functions of the nervous system. The focus of this project is to promote musculoskeltal work on the older population and to prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases. Fitness and health is also promoted through games and contests. We also provide information to the public through speaking.
The key is to overcome the failure to use them as entry points for learning. Fitness and health is a daily part of life, health, fitness, but they mean something different for many people. Many people try to lose weight or go to a better form. Fitness and health as shown by the increased quality of life, reduce stress and disease and increase life expectancy. While the most important method to achieve improved quality of life of each person to give information that is accurate, and provide the opportunity for people to participate in programs related to fitness.
Fitness and health are very important part of our lives, and we must try to continue to improve each day in addition to working hard in various professions. We have found that daily stretching is the first step can be done by everyone. Only ten minutes can immediately release the tension, stress and pain. Stretching daily basis can improve posture and physical strength.
Fitness with the good is not difficult to achieve and have the ideal form of body and soul healthy. Obesity due to lack of physical activity and poor has become a lifestyle choice which is very effective with a national epidemic physical, emotional, economic, and social consequences. Health was more than a simple aspect of medicine. Food, metabolism and immune system should be seen as an interactive process. Fitness and health is a way of life, and change habits that are not easy and does not occur during the night. If given the opportunity and rights, the disabled poor may improve health and fitness is quite substantial.

Acording to Jim Clements the President and CEO
of Simply Ripped, There are 5 simple steps to help you through the process :
1. Set Goals
2. Create a Workout Routine for Your Body Type
3. Create a Diet Plan
4. Measure Your Results and Adjust Appropriately
5. Reward Yourself.
Put these steps into action immediately and before you know
it you’ll have the body of your dreams.

Let’s to try.!

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