Epilepsy in Pregnancy

The most feared things for people with epilepsy to become pregnant is when a relapse occurs at a critical time, for example during childbirth. It can be anticipated when you have enough support system during their pregnancy, ensuring the delivery went smoothly and after childbirth.

To undergo pregnancy and then raising a child with epilepsy conditions, the following is the preparation you should do:

1. Prepare your pregnancy as possible

Do counseling before conception occurs so that you are prepared for pregnancy and your partner know what to do with this condition. Multiply taking folic acid and epilepsy drugs. Recognize also various pregnancy complications that can occur.

2. When pregnant

People with epilepsy who are pregnant allowed to keep taking anti-epileptic drugs under medical supervision and with controlled doses. People with epilepsy and their families also need to recognize the various risks for pregnancy if a seizure occurs during pregnancy at the same time understand how to reduce seizures occur during pregnancy.

3. During childbirth

You need to consult with a doctor to recognize the risk of seizures when birth begins encouragement and time of delivery takes place. Consumption of painkillers also has its own risks during childbirth for people with epilepsy and patients need to understand this.

4. After maternity

New mothers should understand the risks of breast-feeding to the condition of epilepsy suffered. In addition, because there are new family members who need protection and care as well as closer scrutiny, people with epilepsy should be a lot of work with families and couples, make sure the baby is not alone with epilepsy. The new mom also should be wary of postpartum depression remain vulnerable experienced.

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