How to Cure Back Neck Pain?

We often feel back neck pain. Back neck pain occurs due to improper sleeping position, working with computer for a long time or injury due to sports. Most mild neck pain can be treated at home.

Some of these ways you can do to reduce back neck pain:

Move your neck muscles

Try moving the neck muscles slowly. Make a circular motion so that the diseased muscles can be stretched. After that, vary with the forward and backward movements, then left and right.

Soaking / bathing salt water

Salt solutions in water for bathing can help relax stiff muscles, reduce stress and promote blood circulation. Thus, in addition to reducing neck pain, soaking in a saline solution can calm the mind.

Ice pack

Compress the neck using ice pads. Wrap the ice using a towel, then stick for a few minutes in the desired area to reduce pain. The cold effect of the ice can relax the neck muscles and cause numbness in a painful area.

Water therapy

Water therapy or hydrotherapy can also be done to relieve back neck pain. How, by using a shower, open the shower faucet and direct the warm water to the back of the neck for 3-4 minutes. After that, replace it with cold water and let stand for about one minute. Repeat for several times.

Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen

Both types of these drugs serve to relieve pain including back neck pain. Read the rules of use and do not give to children under the age of 18 to avoid adverse side effects.

Although back neck pain generally does not need to be watched, you should still see a doctor if the pain continues for more than a week.

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