Cinnamon, Alternative Solution to Lose Weight

A number of researchers found that the ingredients in cinnamon can help burn fat in the human body. The content, called cinnamaldehyde, is an essential oil that gives it a distinctive flavor and has been shown to protect mice from obesity in previous studies.

And now, researchers at the University of Michigan claim that this oil can also activate thermogenesis, the process of body metabolism that burns calories to produce heat.

This process can help initiate weight loss, and the study authors conclude that cinnamon may increase the number of metabolic benefits.

Chief researcher Jun Wu, assistant professor of researchers at the Life Sciences Institute is well aware of the benefits of cinnamaldehyde thanks to previous research and wanted to further examine the effects of the oil on the body.

“The researchers found that this compound affects metabolism and we wanted to know how, what pathways might be involved, such as what happens to mice and what sort of thing happens to human cells,” Wu explained, as quoted from The Independent , Monday, November 27, 2017.

In the study, Wu and his team tested fat cells from a number of volunteers and noticed an increased expression of genes and enzymes that increase lipid metabolism after they were given cinnamaldehyde.

This makes him convinced that when swallowed by humans, cinnamaldehyde can help promote thermogenesis and then the process of burning fat in the body.

Although additional research is needed to ensure these benefits have no side effects, Wu only tests his research results on human cells in the laboratory. Wu believes his research results are promising in terms of addressing the escalating epidemic of obesity.

“Cinnamon has been part of our diet for thousands of years, and people generally like it, so if it helps protect against obesity, it can provide an approach to the health of metabolism that is easier for patients to do,” she says.

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