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Stretching After a Day Working At The Office

Sitting all day in an office chair for 9 hours looking at the screen can cause stiffness throughout the body, from the back to the toes. Plus a long trip from the office to the house. To overcome this there

5 Short Exercises to Shape Chest Muscle

Chest muscle is a male body part that is often the center of attention in appearance. The appearance is always with six pack abs. So that the chest muscles become part of the body most often trained by many men.

Arm Muscle Exercises

Big and strong arm is an ideal for every man . Many methods are used to obtain a strong arm and stout . Many training methods which you can choose to optimal results and of course must be supported by

Maintain a Healthy Body with this Exercise

1 . Cardio – vascular training. This exercise aims to improve the health of your heart rate . This exercise has many kinds such as running , swimming , walking briskly up . Cardio exercise for 20 minutes per day

Sex and Heart Problem

Although sexual activity is a normal activity in human life, but the people with heart disease are always concerned when this activity can trigger a heart attack. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers from

Dance Fitness

Current concept of dance sport became very popular and much-loved. Many places that provide fitness by exercise of this type. If a conventional sports do you do for this lack of result, try this way. There are five types of

Advanced Training

Are you troubled with certain body parts? Do you have a problem with belly fat? Or a big arm and sagging? Do you have large thighs or calves that interfere with the appearance and your self confidence? Everyone has a

How to avoid injury during exercise ?

Exercise has many benefits in maintaining body fitness, regular exercise due to the burning of body fat will run perfectly. A good exercise to be done the right way and with enough intensity.  Excessive exercise, especially if done in a

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder muscles are anatomically divided into 2 major parts, namely: 1. Deltoid: shoulder muscles rounded side 2. Trapezius: middle shoulder muscle that extends downward from the neck back down to mid-back. Exercise to widen the shoulders for more visible V-shaped

Arnold Dumbell Press

Weight training is often used to train the shoulder muscles is Arnold dumbbell press (Arnold press) because of the popularization of this movement is Arnold Schwarzenegger. By doing this Arnold’s Press motion, the front shoulder to get extra work at