Sex and Heart Problem

Although sexual activity is a normal activity in human life, but the people with heart disease are always concerned when this activity can trigger a heart attack. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers from Tufts Medical Center in Boston, concluded that exercise and sex can increase the risk of heart attack and sudden death, although the risk is small.

Researchers collected data from several studies that compared the risk of heart attack and sudden death of the participants who are doing physical activity and sex, by not doing both activities. The result is known episodes of physical activity increases the risk of heart attack and 3.5 times the risk of sudden death up to 5 times. While sex will increase the risk of heart attack 2.7 times. But there’s no data on sexual relationship and sudden death.

Despite the risks referred to 2.7 times, but the actual risk of heart attack and sudden death while having sex is very small, especially if the activity is carried out by an intimate partner bound. According to other studies, for men aged 50 years, the risk of having a heart attack during sex is also small, only two out of a million. Yet when compared with healthy men, men with heart disease have a 10 times higher risk of a heart attack while having sex.

So, people with heart disease should avoid having sex? According to Dr.Michael Lim from Heart, Stroke and Cancer Center, hold your sex drive if you experience shortness of breath or pain in the chest. “If these symptoms appear while having sex, stop,” he said. He said the men could exercise until your heart rate (heart rate) reached 130 per minute with no symptoms of heart problems mean it’s safe to have sex, even without medication. “If you can climb three floors with a staircase can be assumed to be the weight of your heart when making love,” he said. People with heart disease should also avoid the use of sildenafil (Viagra), a drug taken for erectile dysfunction, unless your doctor has approved its use.

Use of Viagra, in addition to nitrate, for example nitroglycerin or isosorbid could increase the occurrence of serious cardiovascular disorders and reduced blood pressure significantly.

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