Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is one of the most popular spices in the world. Almost all foods from various cultures use garlic in their food. In addition to adding delicious aroma and taste, garlic also has healthful properties for the body. According to, garlic has several benefits, namely:

Improve the body’s immune system

Garlic can improve the metabolic system, prevent cancer, fight bacteria and viruses, and strengthen the heart and liver. Therefore, consumption of garlic can improve overall body health.

Cure the flu

Since ancient times garlic is believed to be able to eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause flu. For this, finely sliced ​​garlic and make the healthy onion soup.

Remove acne

Cut one clove of garlic and apply it on the pimpled skin regularly. The anti-bacterial properties in it can help dry and clean acne scars.

Remove foot fungus

The content of the antibacterial properties contained in garlic is also able to remove fungi in the feet by soaking the feet with onion water.

Reject mosquito bites

This may not be realized by many people. Rubbing onions on the skin or consuming them turns out to reject mosquitoes because they don’t like the aroma of garlic.

Although it can make your breath a little smelly, but with many benefits it has, then we should begin to diligently consume garlic.

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