Arnold Dumbell Press

Weight training is often used to train the shoulder muscles is Arnold dumbbell press (Arnold press) because of the popularization of this movement is Arnold Schwarzenegger. By doing this Arnold’s Press motion, the front shoulder to get extra work at the beginning of the movement. This is a shoulder exercise that are very good and can give significant results.

Arnold press exercise is a compound movement because the movement involving 2 or more muscle in its implementation. Muscles involved are: the front shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid) and side shoulder muscles (lateral deltoid). Muscles supporting the movement: the supraspinatus, Triceps branchii, trapezius, trapezius Middle, Lower Serratus anterior.

How to make a move Arnold Dumbbell Press:

(1) The position of standing or sitting, grasp a dumbbell in each hand with the position to shoulder height and palms facing inward.
(2) In a controlled motion, push the dumbbell upward while turning the hand so that your palms facing out at the end of the movement.
(3) Do not straighten your arms at the top for the elbow joint is not locked (for fixed load pressure on the shoulder and not move into the joint). Hold a moment at this peak position, then lower the load, turning the hand so that the return to the starting position.







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