Arm Muscle Exercises

Big and strong arm is an ideal for every man . Many methods are used to obtain a strong arm and stout . Many training methods which you can choose to optimal results and of course must be supported by appropriate nutrition for exercise muscle formation . Immediately start your workout and see the results . Here are a few stages arm muscle building exercises .

Many people think that needs to be enlarged merely arm or bicep biceps the front side , this is not right because your arm consists of the biceps and triceps in upper and forearm muscles . Your upper arms are actually more influenced by triceps make it look large. So in order to look great arm perfectly , then must train three.

The process of training is divided into 3 phases each 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks practice time . The purpose of this exercise is to provide sufficient load great in the muscles to continue to grow , and trained from various sides and change ongoing training so that your muscles faster growth.

Arm muscles Phase 1 ( weeks 1-2 ) Reverse Pyramid

Usually someone to practice with fixed or heavier loads . It is reasonable made especially for beginners or someone who just returned to practice after stopping for a long time . Not so for someone who wants to develop muscle up to more than that now because of the addition of the load from one set to the set the next would cause someone who already tired would be difficult to continue the set. Therefore here the load reduction after 2 sets of weight will help the muscles to driven practice more .







Biceps Triceps Phase 2 ( weeks 3-4 ) Superset

After 2 weeks of training with Reverse Pyramid , it’s time you do a superset a higher level . This exercise means you will perform one movement for biceps and immediately followed by a motion for triceps or otherwise . practice superset with opposing muscle will make strengthening the muscles with more better .



Phase 3 ( weeks 5-6 ) German Volume Training

This type of exercise has been long enough in the world of fitness but only some people who dare to do so because of the large number of sets performed . In this exercise you will doing only 2-3 exercises with each of 10 sets and each set of 10 reps . This exercise will make your muscles not only large but also strong .







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