Anti-Bacterial Soap Be Deleted

The United States Government will remove anti-bacterial soap in the market. The reason, plain soap and water is more effective than the products disinfect anti-bacterial soap.

The US government banned the circulation of 19 chemical anti-bacterial soap. Because the mill of 19 anti-bacterial soap failed to prove their products are safe and can kill germs.

“We have no evidence that these products are better than regular soap,” said Dr. Janet Woodcock from FDA, as quoted from page Independent.

Associated Press stated earlier there are two targets chemicals that circulate everywhere, namely triclosan and triclocarban. Based on animal studies to prove these two chemicals intervene hormone levels and makes the bacteria resistant to drugs.

The chemicals were worn under government supervision. A spokesman of the cleaning industry said most of the cleaning company has eliminated 19 ingredients that have been banned by the government of soap and detergent them.

The FDA said it would give more time to the company to provide data on three other chemicals. Three ingredients are still many in the market.

“Consumers may be thinking more effective anti-bacterial to avoid the spread of germs, in fact, some of the data shows the long-term materials anti-bacterial soaps may be more harm than good effect,” said Woodcock.

Hygiene Institute of America said the FDA’s own data show the safety and effectiveness of anti-bacterial soap.

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