Alert! Light can Cause Insomnia.

A comfortable bedroom is no guarantee that we can sleep peacefully. Many things that cause us still feel difficult to close our eyes. It may be that the cause of our insomnia is outside our bedroom window. Recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine proves that artificial light can be a major cause of insomnia. This artificial light is all light that is not from the sun. For example, light from a television or device. According to a recent study from South Korea involving 12,000 people, exposure to artificial light at night can induce disturbances in the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are the internal clocks of our bodies that play a role in telling the brain and body when it’s time to sleep and wake up. Further research is still needed so that evidence of artificial light as a cause of insomnia is more accurate. However, the results of this research can we make a handle in overcoming the problem of insomnia. Historical facts show that our ancestors lived outside the house and absorbed all the sunlight. However, when it gets dark, they look for caves and the like as beds. According to sleep health experts, humans usually spend outdoor activities during the day and at night exposed to light to extend the waking time. Lights on the street, parking lots, shopping centers are usually lit when the sun goes down. It can also affect human behavior. Large exposure to light at night results in delayed sleep, faster wake-up time, shorter sleep duration, increased daytime sleepiness. Light pollution seems to be a problem that is as big as air pollution. The fact that urban areas are very difficult to avoid exposure to lights that are lit for almost 24 hours. If we often have trouble sleeping, start to turn off the lights when it’s time to sleep or install dark curtains if the environment around the house is bright enough. Don’t forget to turn off your laptop or smartphone. For a long time experts have warned of the dangers of blue light from electronic devices. Although the radiation is low but can affect the production of melatonin which makes us drowsy.

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