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Are you troubled with certain body parts? Do you have a problem with belly fat? Or a big arm and sagging? Do you have large thighs or calves that interfere with the appearance and your self confidence?

Everyone has a different problem with his body fat. Has anybody managed to lose weight but it’s still hard to shrink the stomach and the results are still distended stomach. There are already on a diet in any way still can not play down his arm. Key factors that support your business success is discipline.

For those of you who want to lose body fat, 1-2 pounds again reduce your weight, or overcoming “stubborn fat” in certain parts of your body, then your efforts should be supported by lifestyle changes permanently. Often times when you almost reach it, you start less obedient to your diet and exercise. Things you need to do is the opposite, ie you have to try harder, and more disciplined in carrying out your diet and exercise program.

To reduce the pile of fat in the body, you can enter the following 4 exercises into your workout pattern:


Form of cardio exercise with moderate intensity and in duration that is long enough, for example, jogging for 45 minutes in the morning. This will help you burn excess fat effectively.

Interval training

By combining the intensity and variety of movement during exercise, interval training will make the body burn fat more than exercise at a steady pace. A study found that only after 2 weeks of interval training, women are able to burn body fat as much as 36% more!

Cross training

The principle of cross-training is to incorporate some exercises to train the various parts of the body. This exercise is one very effective way to burn your body fat.

Weight training

Perform weight training mainly to train the muscles such as shoulders, back, and legs so the body burns more calories all the time. Weight training also serves to strengthen specific body parts. The key to success is to do it regularly and in adequate portions.

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