Add the Ice Cream in Your Child’s Breakfast Menu

The study written by Prof. Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University claimed that eating ice cream when breakfast was found to improve mental health and alertness in children. Rarely there are parents who want to present the ice cream at his breakfast table. In fact, eating ice cream when breakfast is good for the brain. Eating ice cream after waking up may also improve mental health and alertness.

The study, published on the website Japan is trying to compare the two children, who eat ice cream when breakfast and which are not. Koga found that children who consume ice cream when breakfast had a better reaction and able to process information faster than those who did not.

Further examination of the matter in brain activity also found that children who eat ice cream when breakfast had an increased frequency of alpha waves are higher. It showed that the child had a tendency to be more vigilant and more alert mentally.

Nevertheless, further research should still be pursued to determine the content of the ice cream what was responsible for the emergence of this good news. In its report, Koga also hopes to determine if the ice cream is also good to trigger positive emotions and increased energy.

Sugar levels high enough in the ice cream may be one consideration in order to serve as breakfast, it need not be feared. According to a study in 1994, the sugar does not significantly change the behavior or affect cognitive skills in children.

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