A Combination of Green Tea and Honey.

Eating tea is a pleasant and healthy habit. There are many types of tea available on the market. Green tea has several healthful benefits and can be mixed with other healthful ingredients.

Mixing green tea with honey can create a unique taste that is also beneficial for health. According to Boldsky, the tea mixture with honey is useful for:

Improve brain function

The combination of green tea with honey not only makes us relax, but it can improve brain function. Consuming these two natural ingredients is very good for increasing concentration.

Green tea has less caffeine than coffee. This makes our brain functions remain stable and more focused.

Burn fat

For people who are doing a weight loss program, try consuming green tea with honey. Green tea can improve the metabolic system in the body, while honey serves to reduce fat.

Oxidation of fat in the body can decrease by about 17% after drinking green tea with honey regularly. This makes it a drink that is very suitable for the diet that we do.

Prevent cancer

One of the important health benefits of green tea with honey is that it can provide extraordinary antioxidants. This substance is able to maintain the health of body cells and make us avoid cancer.

Improve dental health

Cavities, plaques, and other dental problems can be overcome by drinking green tea and honey. The content of catechins in green tea combined with honey can fight the streptococcus mutans bacteria which causes dental problems.

Strengthen bones

Osteoporosis or other bone health problems is reduced by diligently drinking honey green tea. This drink contains a lot of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory so it is good for the health of bone cells.

Considering the number of benefits of a mixture of green tea and honey, try this drink to feel the benefits.

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