7 Recognize Signs of Diabetes Mellitus in Children

So far diabetes mellitus type 1 is the most typical among children and adolescents.  High prevalence in children and adolescents due to difficulty identifying the signs and symptoms.

In the case of type 1 diabetes the pancreas stops producing insulin the child needs to survive.

So we have to replace insulin in their body. Therefore, diabetes mellitus type 1 also known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

What should parents do?
First, prepare yourself to accept it. Parents should regularly monitor the blood sugar levels of children, gave them an injection of insulin, and to monitor their carbohydrate intake.

The signs of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children have a tendency to develop rapidly over a period of several weeks.

Any signal that is most typical of the type of diabetes mellitus among children and teenagers?

1. According Boldsky.com, sign often seen in children is that it is tired all the time.

2. Children with type 1 diabetes are more susceptible to fungal infections, especially girls and babies.

3. Diabetes mellitus type 1 in children can interfere with vision so as to make the blurred vision in children.

4. There is a change of behavior in children with diabetes mellitus type 1. They will suddenly become irritable, withdrawn and depressed.

5. Children drastic weight loss even though the same quantity of food, it is also a sign of children suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus, go to doctor immediately.

6. Type 1 diabetes mellitus in children can also cause extreme hunger. They will spend whatever food is available in the fridge or a dining table.

7. Children suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus will be frequent thirst and frequent urination.

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