6 Things that can damage the immune system

Everyone has experienced sick. Usually, it is because the immune system is being weakened. The problem is, what can make the immune system is weakened?

1. Lack of sleep. When asleep, the immune system learn to look for the best way to fight bacteria and viruses. Lack of sleep makes the body’s ability to fight the disease effectively be reduced.

According to some studies, lack of sleep can make the body difficult to fight colds. So, sleep for seven or eight hours every night in order to keep the immune system primed.

2. Sit all day. Lack of exercise can prolong the healing process. For example in upper respiratory tract infections. According to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who rarely exercise cure of these diseases will take 42 percent longer compared to those who exercise regularly.

3. Loneliness. Often feel lonely? We recommend that you need to be careful. According to research in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, loneliness can lead the immune system weakens.

Loneliness can make the higher levels of the hormone norepinephrine. The impact, can make the virus-fighting immune system so ineffective. So that the body will be vulnerable to disease.

4. Stress. Stress is closely related to our physical and mental health. Therefore, stress can alter the immune system becomes ugly. Chronic stress can also damage the body’s immune system.

5. The bad immune system of the partner. Believe it or not, our immune system is also closely related to the immune system partner. A study of immunology found that people who live together are more likely to have the same immune system.

Researchers said the people who live together tend to adopt similar habits. If good habits certainly not be a problem. But, what if the bad habits, such as less exercise? So, if we poor immune partner, is likely to be ‘transmitted’ to us.

6. Obesity. The ideal weight not only makes us confident. However, it will also protect us from various diseases. In contrast to obesity. For example, obesity can alter white blood cells in our body. So that fat in the abdomen and around the organs will affect our immune system.

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