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Things You Should Do If Bitten by a Dog

Dogs are one of the most commonly preserved animals. His ingenuity and loyalty make people love these furry animals. Moreover, many choices of types and sizes of dogs to be maintained. But keep in mind that the dog also has

Ketogenic Diet to Prolong Life and Increase Physical Strength

Ketogenic diet or keto diet, is one popular way that many people do to lose weight. If most diets avoid fat, ketogenic diets precisely emphasize high intakes of fat, protein, and low carbohydrates. A recent study conducted by researchers from

How to Stop the Overthinking Habit?

Overthinking is often annoying thoughts and daily activities. When this condition occurs continuously will cause the body to get sick and make you no longer productive. Thinking is the natural process of the body when faced with a problem. Nature

Tall Men Tend to Cheat.

We often hear that women love to look for tall men, and certainly handsome. But a study revealed that tall men are more likely to pass an affair. They are considered a less loyal figure. Research reported online dating site