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Recognize the Symptoms of Stroke, Take Precautions Now.

World Stroke Day is on October 29. Stroke is a sudden disorder of the brain, due to disruption of blood flow to the brain. Stroke that can happen in the form of blockage, or bleeding in the brain or brain

Tall Men Tend to Cheat.

We often hear that women love to look for tall men, and certainly handsome. But a study revealed that tall men are more likely to pass an affair. They are considered a less loyal figure. Research reported online dating site

Five Safest Cities in the World

Live in a safe city is a dream for everyone. Safe from criminal activity, flooding, air pollution, and all forms of piracy. Based on the index from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s, the city of Tokyo in Japan, including one of

6 Things that can damage the immune system

Everyone has experienced sick. Usually, it is because the immune system is being weakened. The problem is, what can make the immune system is weakened? 1. Lack of sleep. When asleep, the immune system learn to look for the best

Ropeswing, a New Way of Triggering Adrenalin

Ropeswing is a game similar to bungee jumping. But the difference, this ropeswing really rely on the momentum of the rope swing and you will be plunged in an upright position. When doing the rope swing, you become Tarzan but

What is Reiki ?

I deliberately write back about reiki because there are many things to know, especially about history and origins. Reiki comes from the Japanese, Rei means universe and Ki means vital energy. So Reiki means vital energy of the universe. Reiki

Reiki, an Alternative Healing Method.

Bravemania…! Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress management, relaxation and also for healing. Reiki means “life energy”. Energy that can not be seen to flow in us, and this energy is designed by the Creator and have been


Maybe you belong to this class is very difficult to change a new lifestyle with regular diet and exercise routine. Then review your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is very powerful influence on our lifestyle and behavior. Hypnosliming method might

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is a weight loss program by eating low-carb foods that are currently popular and mostly done by the athletes and those who want ideal body weight. This diet program was introduced by by Dr. Robert Atkins in the

Why do you join in the Gym?

Many reason people want to join a gym, have a serious want to maintain body health, there is a follow friends, there is also prestige and life style. Healthy living is a dream many people so many ways to reach