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Which is Better, Carrot Juice or Whole Carrots?

Remember that the best benefits of fruit and vegetable juices will be obtained in fresh condition. According to Stanford Health Care, fresh juice contains anticancer phytochemicals and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the body. One cup of carrot or

Junk Food

Low-nutrient foods or Junk food is a term that describes the food unhealthy or have smaller amounts of nutrients. Non nutrition foods containing a large amount of fat. Fast food such as hamburgers, fries of McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut

Your muscles need this food

The function of food for the body is a source of energy (power), the source material of cells and tissues of the body and replace cells damaged or old, and regulatory processes that occur in the body as well as

Do you need to consume Food Supplement?

An essential ingredient needed by the body to growth is balanced nutrition. Our bodies need enough food for better growth. Everyday foods should consider the completeness of the nutrients contained by the food. the higher the activity the more calories